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Terence Murphy

My background is in the Canadian aviation industry. 22 years and counting as a corporate pilot and flight department manager. The Seat Saver was born out of my personal experience of having felt that frustration so often encountered when on vacation and looking for some downtime poolside. Plenty of valuable real estate by the pool in the form of sun loungers seemingly occupied all day and everyday by guest's personal effects 'reserving' their lounge chair during their prolonged absences. Well, having had enough of chair reservation policies not being enforced in most cases, I took matters into my own hands and dreamt up the Seat Saver.

I really hope that you share my vision that when this device comes to fruition and is installed on sun loungers and deck chairs at your favorite resort or onboard your favorite cruise ship, that this will enable a fair and equitable allocation of the sunbathing resources by the pool or oceanside.


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