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How it works

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What Is The Seat Saver?

The Seat Saver is a small rigid self contained unit that is affixed to a lounge chair. The device features two indicator lights, one Red & one Green. The device incorporates an internal timer which counts down from preset intervals; 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes etc... The time interval is customizable by the administrator. The housing also incorporates a timer activation switch to start the countdown. That's it! Low cost, simple to use, effective mitigation of 'chair hogging!'

How The Seat Saver Is To Be Used...

When the guest vacates the chair for a temporary absence, they depress the timer reset button. This action illuminates the Red indicator light and also starts the internal timer counting down from it's preset interval. The illuminated Red light communicates to other patrons that the chair is still occupied and that the user is only absent temporarily. When the timer reaches zero minutes remaining, the Red light extinguishes and the Green light illuminates. When illuminated, the Green light signifies chair availability. When the guest is present, there's nothing to be done and the indicator lights can be disregarded.

The Seat Saver Benefits...

  • Newly arrived guests at the pool area will know at a glance whether a lounge chair is taken or available even when the chair is temporarily vacated.

  • Staff/management can more easily enforce existing chair reservation policies since they will have a non-arbitrary indication of how long a chair has been vacated.

  • The likelihood of loss or theft of one's personal effects is reduced since a guest no longer needs to fill the unoccupied lounge chair with a myriad of personal effects in order to indicate 'chair in use.'

  • Reduced instances of conflicts between the guests over lounge chair usage and also reduced instances of confrontations between guests and management.

Go from this...

To This!

Be an industry leader

  • Equitable sharing of available lounge chairs by the  guests.

  • No more disputes among guests.

  • Reduced instances of lost or stolen personal  effects.

  • An overall improvement in guest satisfaction with your cruise line or hotel property.

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