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The Problem


Whether it's an all-inclusive resort, the pool deck on a cruise ship, or a 5-star hotel, guests abandon their chairs for extended periods, yet reserve those precious sun loungers with a variety of personal effects. Meanwhile, other guests roam around in circles, desperate for available seating in either sun or shade. Adding to the guests frustration at the 'chair hogging phenomenon,' is the general reluctance of the staff to enforce a vacancy time limit policy that the administration may or may not have in place.

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The Seat Saver Solution

Seat Saver to the rescue!


The Seat Saver mitigates the problem of guests 'hogging' their unoccupied chairs for extended periods of time while they pursue other activities, leaving other guests chair-less and frustrated.


Seat Saver permits only a pre-selected "vacancy" time period (determined by management) to allow guests short periods of time to be absent to have lunch, return briefly to their room, etc. No more keeping valuable chairs unoccupied all day while guests are away doing other things. The newly arrived guest at poolside will now be able to determine at a glance whether a sun lounger is available or not thanks to the indicating system inherent in Seat Saver.


Hotel or cruise line administrators now have an effective tool at their disposal to enforce chair reservation policy. The Seat Saver will put an end to guest confrontations over chair occupancy. The pool attendants will be able to intervene in guest disputes with confidence now that there will be an impartial virtual judge deciding on chair availability.


lets you get up without losing your seat!

3-D Product Rendering

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